Working with reports

Go to and sign up for a account. Once you're logged in, you will see main report table

  1. Choose how to group by your report by clicking top menu buttons
  2. To change dates or time zone go to calendar
  3. You might want to add segments by clicking
  4. You might want to add filters by clicking OR You can filter anything by clicking on the values in the left column.
    You might want to filter by column values by clicking
    Go to
  5. To set up columns click
  6. To choose table or tree view click
  7. To download CSV click
  8. To show plot click You can zoom in plots.
  9. To set up currency or conversion attribution click
  10. We have Labels for custom parameters. You can click on the appropriate parameters and assign them one of five labels. List of parameters for each label is available by clicking on the Label list. This functionality is designed to simplify the work with white & block lists.
  11. We have zooming for our charts. Time interval changes during zooming.