Set up your first Campaign

To start your campaign, go to and sign up for a account. Once you're logged in, click → Campaign.

  1. Create your campaign name.
  2. Select your tracking domain. You can use default domain or add your own domain in Settings → Domains. We highly recommend to use your own domains.
  3. Ignore the “Friendly link” section for now. You can generate your own redirect link here for your future campaigns.
  4. Select Traffic source or choose from predefined templates.
    To create Traffic source go to "Creating new traffic source", create traffic source name and add macroses for your traffic source, click
  5. Select Cost model and add value for selected cost model.
  6. Ignore the "Friendly link" section for now. Here you can add postback for your traffic source or CRM
  7. Select your redirect mode.
  8. Auto optimization. You can turn it on to enable probabilistic algorithm to optimize your campaign
  9. Same path. Turn it on to send returning visitor to the same path.
  10. Default paths. Here you can add path to split your visitors if they don’t comply with any rule. You can add as many paths as you want. Also you don’t have any limits to add landings and offers for each path.You can set up weights for you Landers and Offers. You can use any value for weight, only relative value makes sense. For example, if you have 2 Landers to split and you set up weights as 200 and 100 accordingly, then 1st Lander will receive twice as more visitors than 2nd.
  11. Rules. Here you can define rules to redirect your visitors.
    When you set up variables within 1 condition the condition will be met if at least one of variables is met (OR rule)
    When you set up e.g. 2 conditions within the same rule, both conditions have to be met in order the rule will be met
  12. Click button to get your campaign link. Also your can click "Additional link" to get other links (postback links, click links and etc.)