Set up Traffic Source Postback

You might want to set up Traffic Source Postback to send data to your Traffic source. It usually helps to optimize your performance. To do so you have to go to Traffic source setting.

  1. Click → Traffic Source (OR go to → Traffic source, choose your Traffic source, click "Edit", OR Click in Traffic source column → Edit)
  2. Past Traffic source postback URL and add {external_id} where needed.
  3. Add custom variables for your traffic source to pass additional parameters. You will be able to group your stats by custom variables to find profitable targets.
  4. To pass {external_id} you have to receive it from your Traffic source. So it has to be proper set up in Traffic source custom variable. We have reserved custom variables for external id and click cost.

How to set up Traffic Source Postback for Adcash.

  • After setting up your Campaign in tracker, get your link for your Adcash campaign.[campaign]&time=[time]&zone=[zone]&clickid=[clickid]
  • Adcash replaces [campaign], [time], [zone] and [clickid] with corresponding parameter. For example, &clickid=123123123
  • When receives postback from affiliate network that user complete any action, it sends postback to adcash and pass corresponding {external_id}, so replaces {external_id} with 123123123.