Set up Postback

  1. To set up your Postback working you have to pass {visit_id} token to your Offer URL.{visit_id}
  2. Go to your Campaign → Additional links and copy Postback URL.{visit_id}&value={value}
  3. Go to your affiliate network panel with postback setting, paste postback URL and replace {visit_id} and {value} with affiliate network-specific tokens.{s1}&value={payout}
  4. We support lead statuses. You just need to add &type= to your postback URL
    • Add &type=confirmed for confirmed leads
    • Add &type=unconfirmed for declined leads
    • Add &type=processed for pending leads{s1}&value={payout}&type=confirmed
  5. We also support different goals. You just need to add &type=lead2 (lead3,lead4 or lead5) to your postback URL.{s1}&value={payout}&type=lead
  6. If you need you can customise status tokens, read more here.