Set up Offer

To start your campaign, go to and sign up for a account. Once you're logged in, click → Offer.

You can load setting for predefined traffic sources and click OR create your own traffic source.

  1. Create your Offer name.
  2. Past Offer URL. You might want to add different parameters to pass to Offer URL from dropdown replaces these parameters with corresponding values
  3. Choose Affiliate network your Offer belong to
  4. Set up Payouts. You can choose Auto or Manual payout. Use Auto payout if you want to pass payout via postback URL and Manual if you want to add it manually in the next field.
  5. Choose payout currency.
  6. You might want to add up to 5 goals for tracking
  7. Click

You must add {visit_id} to Offer URL if you want to receive postback from your affiliate network, {visit_id} is our unique parameter for each visit that we receive from traffic source.

Your Offer URL
Your CPA network has sub ids s1,s2,s3 etc..
When you set up offer modify URL like this{visit_id}
Later when you set up post back in network’s interface pass s1 back to us in cid parameter like this{s1}&value={payout}