Set up Affiliate network

To start your campaign, go to and sign up for a account. Once you're logged in, click → Affiliate network

You can load setting for predefined traffic sources and click OR create your own traffic source.

  1. Create your Affiliate network name.
  2. You can turn on the toggle to activate the following settings
    • Accept duplicate postbacks. Use this setting if you want to have multiple conversions for the same {visit_id}
    • Accept postbacks from white-listed IPs. Use this setting if you want to receive conversion postbacks only from selected IPs. Add these IPs below.
    • Edit postback statuses. Using this settings you can assign the values of the «type» parameter for the postback, which will correspond to one of the three statuses in our system.
      If your network passes lead statuses in {status} token and has values 0, 1 and 2 which correspond to Confirmed, Rejected and Hold, then you have to set up like this And your postback should look like{s1}&value={payout}&type={status}