Javascript code

You have an ability using javascript pixel to track users’ behavior, identify bots, track javascript events and display parameters on a landing pages.
Just go to campaign links, setup everything properly on your landing page and enjoy new parameters for analysis in our reports.

To start working with javascript pixel you have to add the pixel code to site’s header. Go to campaign links → Get javascript pixel code and copy pixel code.

When it’s done there are several options you can use:

  1. To track visits, clicks and conversions without redirects via our links and setting up postback

    You have campaign with one landing page and two offers. Because of traffic source policies you can’t use our redirects.

    Copy pixel code and paste it in the landing page header. Select «Visits», copy code for visit and paste it in the body of the landing page. Use /click URL for clicks as usual. So now when user visits your page you’ll see all visits in our dashboard.

    Don’t use redirects and javascript visit code simultaneously, otherwise visit code will always rewrite cookies.

  2. To track javascript events. We’ve added some predefined events for you (scroll, mouse movement, time on page and etc.). You can also use your custom code and pass event using «event» method.

    You work with native ads and want to track some behavior events (like page scrolls and time spent on site more then 20 seconds) to filter out bad site_ids. To do it go and select «Scroll» and «Time on page», choose delay 20 seconds and add provided peaces of code to the landing page.

    Go and set up columns like this

    Enjoy new levels of analytics in your reports.

  3. To display get parameters on a landing page.

    Let’s say you redirect visitors to your landing page and pass additional parameters like{city}
    To display any parameter just add this peace of code: